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The most comprehensive and specific biodiesel information available. Contains a sundry of information about specific engines' performance and considerations using biodiesel.


Operated by Graydon Blair who has been making biodiesel since 2002.  This company provides consumers who want to make their own fuel the widest selection available of biodiesel equipment, supplies, testing kits and  handling equipment,  as well as a wealth of free instructional videos. Invaluable advice is 

only a phone call away.   The "go to" for anyone interested in making biodiesel.  

CENTRAL WASHINGTON BIODIESEL ​  Began  producing biodiesel in 2006.  Although this company is motivated by a broader ideal of energy independence rather than profits, it has persisted to become one of the longest operating biodiesel plants in the entire Pacific Northwest.  It is located in Yelm, Wa. 

DR. DAN'S BIODIESEL .​   Dr. Dan has been an alternative fuels specialist since the 70's.  Dr. Dan's Alternative Fuelwerks serves the Puget Sound area of Seattle which has the highest concentration of biodiesel users in the country. Located in Ballard at 912 NW 50TH  ST.

​SEATTLE, WA. 98107  


Is the longest running commercial biodiesel producer in the pacific northwest. Since 2005 Sequential Pacific  has produced over 5 million gallons of fuel which in turn, results in 78% fewer carbon emissions  The only company in our region  with a BQ9000 quality certification.  Most of the Inland Empire's waste vegetable oil is made into biodiesel at their plant in Salem,  Oregon.  SeQuential is on track to produce a record of over 7.5 million gallons of biodiesel in 2016.


 N. 2125 PINES RD,  SPOKANE VALLEY.  509.928-3255

​Biodiesel Education Program University of Idaho

Providing unbiased, scienced-based research on biodiesel since 1979.   Many of these studies pioneered biodiesel research and the findings have been an integral part of national biodiesel standards and policys.