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bio diesel

Biodiesel is a  fatty acid methyl ester made from vegetable oil.  It is produced in our region by companies using waste oil from restaurants as well as regionally grown canola oil. It is a  clean burning , renewable substitute for petroleum diesel and non-hazardous.  It can be either blended or used in place of regular diesel.  Using biodiesel as a fuel not only reduces net carbon emissions, but also improves our air quality as well as reducing  our environmental exposure to hazardous compounds.

West Star offers commercially produced biodiesel which meets the ASTM D6751 standard for biodiesel.   Supplies are limited.  It is only available in bulk (250 gallons) at this time.

 Delivery is available.  

Research has proven that because of the increase in  the lubricity of biodiesel, engines that run on  at least a percentage of this fuel experience a significant decrease in engine wear.*(NREL 2009 Biodiesel Handling and Use Guide).Many users have noted that this fuel runs cooler and smoother than regular diesel.  Engines run on biodiesel experience fuel economy comparable or better than regular diesel and require no modifications to run either straight or blended fuel.